How to install Xfinity to your smart TV

Xfinity is becoming very popular these days. It helps to transform your home entertainment to a fantastic level. It can show 200 live channels, and these are all possible due to people’s love and popularity. It provides access to many on-demand shows and movies. It also provides support for live news, sports, shows and much more. It also helps for scheduling DVR recording, which you can download and watch that offline; only you need to have internet. There are much more features which are uncountable. You can easily install the Xfinity app on your smart TV.

As you know, if you want to enjoy offline, this is one of the best application and this is why reason that this type of application is in high demand. So, here we will discuss the installation procedure:

Step 1: You need to connect the internet to your smart TV as soon as you are on it.

Step 2: After this, you need to hold your remote and press the Smart Hub button.

Step 3: By using the remote, you need to go to the home screen; after that, you need to scroll down, and apps will appear; from there you need to select the apps.

Step 4: There, you will get Magnifying Glass; you need to navigate that by putting it on the search icon.

Step 5: In the screen keyboard, you need to type Xfinity Stream, and then you will get the Done option; you need to click on that.

Step 6: From there you need to select the Xfinity Stream Beta app and click for download.

Step 7: You need to wait for a little while to complete the installation and select the Open to launch option. Here you will even get the Xfinity Stream Beta app which you need to choose and download.

Only installation is enough; you even need to activate to use this application effectively. You need to go to the HUB to activate the Xfinity Stream app. After that, you will get one welcome screen, where you need to select that and start the procedure. As soon as it gets activated, your device will show in the main menu. You will also get the activation code in your registered mobile number and need to press the continue button. You will have the proper user id and password to sign in to this application. If you want some more details, then you need visit to