We make sure that we prepare privacy policy so that you can clearly and easily understand everything.

  1. Who we are: We are the localized version of the website that provide the services and everything we will link with the Privacy Policy. We cover the information which you collect through content, and we make them available for the third-party site. Our site usage is minimal where you need to do the affirmative acceptance to incorporate the Privacy Policy. You need to provide with personal identifiable information, including name, phone number, email address and much more.
  2. Collection of information: As we have mentioned earlier, we collect personally identifiable information to communicate with you. We also provide you with the customer service to verify the information by providing the marketing service. We also do the audit-related information to interact with the consumers, which include the legal obligation.

We are not behind collecting the information from the third party and social media site, including troubleshooting, auditing, analyzing, verifying, integrity and much more. We also collect the data which can provide the information about the products.

  1. Disclosure of the information: We does not like to disclose third-party information. Depending on the circumstances we disclose necessary things, those circumstances are discussed below:
  • If you come and give your consent.
  • Our service provider can perform service on our behalf to fulfil the other legitimate business purpose.
  • If any business partner provides and promotion, offer or discount for you.
  • You need to protect the company’s rights, and regulation to access the necessary information to protect the company from the competitor.
  • In the time of business merger.
  1. What are your rights: To work put your rights, you need to reset your cookies or reject cookies through your browser setting. You also need to follow the browser instruction to clear and identify your cookies. It means that when you see your device, you will not recognize it. Sometimes it may happen that for doing that, you may delete the browser information. User can use HTML5 for local storage.
  2. Retention of the information: We will help you to retain your intention as per the necessity. It will also help you to see if any legal requirements are required for the accounts. To avoid the doubt, they will retain the information to get the necessary service to you.
  3. Information security: Activating Tv does not need much data transmission to secure the internet physically or electronically. We have to take the step to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Users can fully guarantee the security information for the server and database. Using the service, we have to assume the risk connection you can collect from our service. Like another event, we have a belief that you may need to compromise and notify you.
  4. Other country’s Privacy Rights: As per the different country laws, California residents are requested for the third parties you have to disclose as your personal information. There are few third parties that believes in the direct marketing process. There is an unreasonable request for the calendar year, and another country provides that for their residents. Under the CCPA act, you do not have the  right to disclose your personal information, and it should not be sold for any business purpose. The company will not sell any of their personal information except privacy policy. Any consumer information also they cannot sell at least for 12 months. After that, you can advertise your reserve rights.
  5. Information from children: On a crucial note our service is not for children, especially those under 13 years. No one must operate our service less than thirteen and seventeen years of age. Those children have to take legal permission from their parents or the local guardian. Any personal information will get deleted as quickly as possible.
  6. Question: After knowing everything from this website if you have any further query, can mail to our registered email id.