– follow tv signin steps

It is a fact that movies and TV content is only way of entertainment in these busy days. So what better content platform other than our own HBO which is Home Box Office to maximise your entertainment. Therefore we present you with HBO Max. To enjoy its maximum potential we need to enjoy it on the big TV screen. For this to happen there are majorly two options. Either you have a Smart TV of any brand or use some third party streaming devices like Roku Stick, Amazon Fire TV stick etc. from here either login with your valid credentials or login synchronise using a code and an app on your mobile along with site.

Plans and subscription plans:

Earlier the company launched HBO Go and HBO Now application versions these work only if you have cable TV plan for the same. But the company want to shift to the OTT content. Therefore it introduced HBO Max to play your digital content on your living room. You only have to buy HBO Max subscription without having separate cable plan in order to have all the premium content on your personal screen.

It will only costs you around $14.99 for month for an ad-free services, or you can have $9.99 per month as an ad-supported plan, both works fine. And yes AT&T subscribers will get HBO Max bundled with their specific plans to need to pay an extra penny.


  1. Better to use Smart TV or Normal TV using Streaming devices and make sure it is connected to internet.
  2. Get yourself the latest versions of app on your TV.
  3. If you have older version of the HBO app like HBO Now or HBO Go just update it form the playstore you will be updated to new HBO Max.
  • Using your valid credentials
    • After you have installed the latest version of the app, open it.
    • You have to sign-in using those credentials which have a valid plan.
    • After successful login you will be able to get all the exclusive content.
  • Using synchronisation method:
    • Open the app that you have just updated or simply the updated app that you have early on.
    • You will be synching it using
    • Open the app and go the settings and select the method other than email login.
    • You will be shown a code on the TV screen and that has to be entered in the space provided on the site, that will be opened on another browser of your smart phone or computer.
    • On the browser the site is opened and you have to login with your credentials that has a proper plan functioning on it.
    • Next you will see space where you will be entering the code from before.
    • You will see the app refreshed on the TV after you have successfully validated the credentials.
    • You are all set to enjoy the most premium on this planet.

It has got many genres that you will find eternity to finish all of them. Whether you like binge watching or only one episode at a time, HBO Max have everything that all you need to enjoy in your free time.