How to Watch Apple TV on Smart TV

In this era, this whole world wants entertainment, and due to this pandemic situation, everyone wants to be at home, and want to watch Television. In this situation, Apple TV app and Apple Music is a saver for you. Through this, you can access the existing library and find the new program of TV shows and movies. Apple TV+ offers many contents, including TV shows and movies available only in the Apple TV app.

You can even enjoy the Apple Music app, and every subscriber can watch more than 60 million songs. There are thousands of paylist gets curated by the music expert, exclusive shows, top music videos, and some live streaming. Everything will go as an ad-free procedure.

The recent version of smart TV will have Apple TV app and you can get this app from the 2018 model of smart TV. This application will be available on other Amazon streaming devices. If your smart TV is not compatible, then you will not be able to download the application.

How do you can sign in to the Apple TV app on your smart TV?

You must remember that you need to have Apple TV app and Apple Music has to be in your account before you sign in. If you have not used Apple Music before then, you need to set the account in the Apple Music app through your phone or personal computer.

Step 1: You first need to on your Smart Television and navigate the Apple TV app.

Step 2: Now is time to select the settings; after that, you will get the Accounts section.

Step 3: Click on the Account option, then you need to select Sign in.

Step 4: Now the user needs to sign in on your mobile device before you use Television.

Step 5: Now, Two sign-in options will appear; you need to use your mobile and click on that. Either you can even navigate the Apple TV activation page. If you follow this page, you need to enter the code which has displayed on the Television. Sometimes, you may get the QR code that will appear on the TV and you just need to scan that to continue with the next process.

Step 6: After this, you need to follow the on-screen process instruction to continue the signing process.

To enjoy more, you need to subscribe to your Apple TV app that time, you will get extra entertainment. If you are already subscriber, also you can follow the above steps. Moreover, you need to follow the screen instructions. Still, if you want some more instruction, you need to visit